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The M-Group

One Brand - One Team - One Performance


The M-Group covers three primary business sectors that interact with one another: refractory technology (Möller), lime kiln technology (Eberhardt) and safety technology (RefraSolid). We have spent decades compiling a wealth of top expertise and reliability in all of these fields. Central divisions including construction, administration, project management, production and logistics augment each other ideally. Our customers are not burdened with the coordination of all the processes involved. Instead, this is centrally directed in the background by our highly qualified team of specialists from our headquarters in Lemgo, Germany. 

Today’s M-Group is therefore a corporate conglomerate that has grown together over decades. Starting with the central company Möller, the subsequent foundation of subsidiaries domestically and abroad along with the addition of new business sectors, has resulted in the merger of companies whose size allows them great flexibility and close customer relations, combined with the strength and productivity afforded by the joint support of the group.  

In the M-Group our customers find a unique symbiosis of business and service fields ideally calibrated with one another, and directed by us as a unit that is equal parts powerful and flexible. Quality, reliability and expertise are the standards we pursue. The partnerships with our customers have lasted for many decades. This is a testament to the trust that we seek to earn anew every single day. 


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Tel.: +351 262 096 014


Tel.: +351 262 096 014